ALTER HUMAN, 2010 - 21 min colour, sound. Exhibitionformat HD.
Alter Human is an attempt to project a possible evolving mankind onto an arctic landscape. It's inhuman setting seemed like the perfect place for such speculations. I wanted to create a suggestive trip over glaciers, through ice caves and the human body aswell as consciousness and time. The characters in the film undergo anatomic reformations over vast time spans, so they transform from solid to liquid, from hairy to wet, from man-like to amoeba.

Large parts of the film was recorded in Svalbard and the North West passage. The first trip was made with ice breaker Oden on a research trip in the summer of 2005 with the Swedish Polar Research Secretary. Production funding was given by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. This film was a part of the film concert collaboration Holocene with novelist Majgull Axelsson and composer Jonas Bohlin, performed and shown in Berwaldhallen Stockholm in 2008 and was also made into a TV special for Swedish TV's Veckans Konsert.

Alter Human (2010)
Sample Clip 1.30 min