Lars Siltberg was born 1968 in Stockholm, he lives and works in Stockholm. He works with video and sound. His works consists of researches within the broad field of human existence. His interest in psychological driving forces like willpower and cognitive needs is merged with physical challenges and bodily reconstructions. This is indicative of Lars Siltberg's analytic approach, his way of choosing a subject and studying it within the parameters of a strictly defined set of circumstances. His method has been called artificial empiricism. The subject can be seen as the phenomenology of experience - the way in which we engage with the world through our senses. In Siltberg's work such an equilibrium can exist for just a fleeting moment. Whatever synthesis the artists aims for, his artificial constructs cannot retain it. This gives his work the character of an infinite struggle. In the end this might be the best way of approaching it: as an attempt to investigate a set of empirical ”What if?” - questions imagined by the artist. After all, empiricism can be the method of advanced scientific (and in this case artistic) research - as well as the most basic form of human interaction with the world. /Frans Josef Pettersson

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2010 Printemps de septembre, Toulouse, France

2010 Testimony, Tensta Konsthall, Sweden

2010 Unlimited Reality, Gogol Festival, Kiev, Ukraine

2010 Go with the wind, Kunsthal 52, Den Helder, The Netherlands

2010 Pandoras Box, Galleri Verkligheten, Performance with Anastasia Ax. Umeå, Sweden.

2010 Le Temps de Corps... Centre Culturel Suedois, Paris

2009 Playground Feeds first at STUK Kunsthalle Leuven, Belgium

2009 I love Malmö, Kumu Art Museum Tallin, Estonia

2008 Tapis, coussins & video, La Rochelle International Film Festival, France

2008 Multitasking, Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lübeck, Germany

2008 Multitasking, Stedelijk Museum s'-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

2008 La Filature, Mulhouse, France

2008 Take Action, Museum of World Culture, Göteborg, Sweden

2008 Moving towards a balanced earth, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa

2007 Multitasking, NGBK, Berlin, Germany

2007 Commercial Break, Mega, St:Petersburg, Russia

2007 Tanzklasse, Ausstellungszone of Progr, Bern, Switzerland

2007 Kurzfilmtage/Filmform, Oberhausen, Germany

2006 Eccentrics, Ursula Blickle Foundation, Kraichtal, Germany

2005 Corps étranger, Le Quartier - centre d'art contemporain de Quimper, France

2005 Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

2005 New Photography, Hasselblad Center, Göteborg, Sweden

2005 Manipulationer, Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden

2004 Transat Vidéo, Caen, Normandie, France

2004 Beauty of failure/Failure of beuty, Miro Foundation, Barcelona

2004 Balancing Acts, Centre Culturel Suedois, Paris

2004 Gods becoming men, Frissiras Museum, Athens

2003 Beaufort Triennale, Oostende, Belgium

2002 Lothringer 13, Balance, Munich, Germany

2002 Molecules in motion, The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland

2001 The 49:th Venice Biennale, Plateau of Humankind, Italy

2001 Roppongi Thinkzone, (Mori Art Center Workshop), Swedish Style, Tokyo, Japan

2001 Le Printemps De Touluouse, France

2000 Our friends from the north, UH-galleries/Art & Design Gallery, London

2000 Rauma Biennale Balticum, Rauma Artmuseum, Finland

2006 Milliken, Stockholm, Sweden

2005 Musée Géo Charles, Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Grenoble, France

2004 Milliken, Stockholm, Sweden

2004 Galleri Box, Göteborg, Sweden

2004 Feldkirch, Johannitterkirche, Austria

2003 Uddevalla Konsthall, Uddevalla, Sweden

2002 Zinc Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2002 Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, Sweden

2000 Margaret Harvey Gallery, Hatfield, (solo within groupshow; Our friends from the north).

2000 Galleri Bakkeliti Bambi, Helsinki, (solo within larger groupshow; Some parts of this world).

2000 Zinc Gallery, Stockholm

2005 Extras, permanent photography- and videoinstallation at Dramatiska Institutet
University Collage of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre, Stockholm. Commisioned by Statens konstråd - The National Public Art Council Sweden.

School of Photography and Film, University of Göteborg:
1997-1999 Master of photography
1993-1996 Bachelor of photography

School of Journalism and Communication, University of Göteborg:
1991-1992 Media and Communication Theories

School of Music and Musicology, University of Göteborg:
1991-1992 Music and Media

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